Thank you...

You are uniting families

Thank you...

Emily and Olivia are happy and settled little girls. They live with their parents, Anna and Jack. With the support of kind people like you, Coram brought them together as a family.

Emily and Olivia were 1 and 2 when they were adopted by Anna and Jack. They had been removed from their birth family due to substance abuse and neglect and were placed with a foster family. 

What they desperately needed was a permanent, loving home. 

Anna and Jack, who had spent months being prepared as adopters by Coram, remember the phone call they received from their Support Worker: “Our social worker was very positive and excited that these two little girls were absolutely for us.” 

This was just the beginning of their journey as a family. 

At Coram, we understand that the transition period for both parents and children is a challenging one – we are there for whenever they need us. Anna recounts: 

“Once the girls were placed, we had a phone call every day from our social worker and we saw her at least once a week for the first month. She was always at the end of the phone and always checking in with us. For example, if Emily wasn’t sleeping very well, she would sit with me on the phone and talk about what might be causing it and what might be needed. Her wealth of experience was just invaluable.” 

When it comes to our families, we go that extra mile. 

Coram is there for as long as they need us, whether that be art and music therapy for adopted children, parenting programmes or social events for adoptive families. Anna feels very reassured that: “the girls know about Coram (…) as they grow older they can return to the same place to get help.” 

Now aged 8 and 9, Emily and Olivia are like any two sisters – they play, they fight, they do handstands in the garden and they find it hard to keep their room tidy. Most of all, they feel secure and they feel loved. 

Thank you for uniting another family. 

Images, names and some details of the children mentioned have been changed to protect their identities. Images are posed by models.