Young people and former foundlings

The Twisted project is about bringing together young people who have experienced the care system and older people who were in the care of the Foundling Hospital some 60 years ago.

Together, they compare and contrast stories, giving an insight into the challenges that they faced then and now.

The young people were encouraged to create an improvised play based upon the life and struggles of a young adult in care. This was inspired by the fictional foundling Oliver Twist, who was created by Charles Dickens following visits to the Foundling Hospital.

The performance of the play was a way for the young people to express themselves and to tell their stories to an audience that listened intently. It gave them a voice to be heard.

Watch our short video to find out more about the story of Twisted

 I was able to relate myself and also contrast how it was different now to how it was then. - Shavoy, young person involved in Twisted

Former foundlings tell their stories

You can discover the stories of former foundlings in Foundling Voices, an oral history project comprising oral history interviews with 74 former Foundling pupils, plus one teacher, the children and partners of the Foundling pupils and townspeople from Berkhamsted who could remember the school.

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