Give in memory or celebration

Making a donation in celebration of a wedding, birthday or anniversary, or leaving a donation to commemorate the life of a loved one is a wonderful way to create better chances for the UK’s most vulnerable children.

Please contact us if you would like to give in celebration of a special event or set up a special fund in memory of someone you love, for you, your friends, family or colleagues to contribute to over time. Our Fundraising department will be happy to answer your questions. Please contact us on 020 7520 0330 or

Eleni and Udoka's wedding gift to children

Couple on wedding dayEleni and Udoka found out about Coram through a visit to the Foundling Museum, which tells the story of our work since 1739. At the museum, Udoka discovered that the famous composer George Frideric Handel was one of Coram’s historical supporters and helped raise significant sums for the charity. Handel was born in the town of Halle, which is close to Udoka’s birth place. This exciting connection furthered the couple’s interest in supporting our work.

Supporting Coram  

Eleni and Udoka wanted this to be a part of their big day.

Adoption is particularly close to our hearts and we were impressed to find out how Coram today brings adoptive parents together with children who need them.


We have all we need for our new life together and our donation brings us genuine satisfaction.

Eleni and Udoka gave half of their monetary wedding gifts to support Coram’s work. 

If you feel inspired by Eleni and Udoka’s story please donate now, or you can talk to our fundraising department, who will be happy to answer your questions on 020 7520 0330 or



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