Coram Brighter Futures Parenting Service

Coram Brighter Futures Parenting Service is commissioned by Thurrock Council to deliver a range of accredited parenting programmes to families open to Early Help Services or Social Care in Thurrock.

We work towards achieving high level outcome including:

  • protecting children from harm and abuse;
  • promoting stable families with nurturing and consistent parenting;
  • holistic and inclusive support for the whole family;
  • enabling parents to work pro-actively with partner agencies in social care, early years settings, schools and health.

New groups start, on a rolling basis, normally every 12 - 14 weeks. Individual family work can start at any time. Please get in touch  to discuss your specific requirements and we can look at what best meets the needs of the family you want to refer.

Contact Jo Henderson or Nicola Cross on 01375 485480, email or  

Ideally, our programmes are delivered in group settings in local community venues.  Where face-to-face programmes are not possible, they will be delivered via online methods, such as Zoom. 


Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities (SFSC) has a focus on domestic abuse, substance misuse, improved communication and strengthening the family whilst building community capacity. The programme will provide parents with information empowering them to model positive discipline techniques, develop anger management strategies and connect with community services. SFSC provides a framework to recognise different family and cultural experiences.

We are currently offering a streamlined online version of SFSC entitled ‘An Introduction to Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities’.  This has been adapted during the lockdown period and focuses on the basics of the programme offering strategies, information and support that will be of benefit to parents during this unprecedented time. We hope to return to face-to-face delivery of the full programme in the New Year and have optimistically scheduled one programme beginning in mid-January 2021. This is dependent on national and local restrictions and guidelines.

As directed by the Race Equality Foundation (REF), every parent engaging with SFSC will be provided with a parent manual.

Mellow Parenting (MP) focuses on attachment through parent-child interaction; the child’s emotional wellbeing; the parent’s wellbeing and effectiveness and confidence in parenting children under five.  Mellow Parenting is aimed at parents where attachment has been affected by poor maternal mental health, domestic violence, substance misuse, trauma and poor parenting experiences

Mellow Babies  is a programme for parents and babies under two years. Each session includes reflective activities to promote good interaction, and a time for discussion about relationship and child development where parents are encouraged to learn from one another. The online version of Mellow Babies was devised when parents and babies could not join a group face-to-face. The programme has been shown to help parents with their mental health and wellbeing and to improve parent-child interaction and child development.

Coram was the first in the country to pilot this online 8-week programme and continue to run on a rolling basis.

Mellow Bumps (Mums- and Dads-to be) Mellow Bumps is a six-week group-based intervention for parents-to-be, particularly aimed at the most disadvantaged families. The groups include space for reflective functioning and stress reduction in parents, the group encourages the parents to keep the baby in mind, explore support networks and practise new skills through fun home activities.  We are recently trained to deliver an online version of this programme and hope to be launching our first group shortly

Supporting Parents of Teenagers (STOP) is a course for parents with pre-teen or teenagers (10-16 year olds). It aims to improve family communication through learning how to listen and decode what pre-teen/teenagers are saying or need. The course aims to increase parents’ knowledge about effective behaviour management skills during challenging teenage years and to respond positively to pre-teen/teenagers psychological, physical and emotional needs. 

The STOP Programme gives information on key parental concerns for this age group such as drugs, drink, sexual health and aggression in young people. Coram is highly experienced in its use and has trained nationally in the adoption reform programme.

We are currently offering an online 8-week STOP programme on a rolling basis.

Pit-STOP is a one-to-one parenting programme based on STOP focussing on eight baseline content sessions addressing subjects such as conflict management, listening skills, praise and encouragement, limit setting, family meetings and personal stress management. Consultation and supervision can be accessed from The Ministry of Parenting if needed for STOP and Pit-STOP.

We are currently offering this online, one to one programme to individual parents and will continue to do on a rolling basis.

Incredible Years Parenting Programme (IY) aimed at parents of children aged under 12, is founded on social learning theory and consists of at least 12 weekly, two-hour group sessions delivered by skilled practitioners with access to quarterly workshops, individual and group supervision. IY aims to promote positive parenting; improve parent-child relationships and reduce the use of critical and physical discipline.

Coram is highly experienced in IY delivery and has developed a specialist module for adoptivefamilies which it has rolled out nationally for the Department for Education. Coram staff are trained in its use, enabling wider added value delivery to enhance adoption support.

We are currently unable to offer an online version of the Incredible Years Parenting Programme and do not have a face-to-face programme planned at this time.

One-to-one parenting interventions  can be considered, subject to a basic referral criteria, for all of the programmes above in specific circumstances.

Forthcoming Coram Programmes

Please check this website regularly as courses are subject to change or cancellation as a result of changing COVID-19 restrictions and guidance. Thank you for your understanding.

  STOP (Supporting Parents of Teenagers)
Online group for 8 weeks

STOP (Supporting Parents of Teenagers) 

Face-to-face daytime group programme for 12 weeks

2 November 2021 Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities 
Face-to-face daytime group programme for 13 weeks
  Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities 
Face-to-face evening group programme for 13 weeks


If you are a professional wishing to refer a family, please click onto our referral form link below.  Please complete the referral and then send to us securely via Objective Connect file sharing platform along with most recent assessment.

Professionals referrals

If you are a parent wishing to be referred please discuss with your Early Help contact or Social Worker.

Finally, if you have any queries or would like further information on any of our groups or interventions, please call either Jo Henderson or Nicola Cross on 01375 485480 or email us on or                       


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