Why use the Support Gateway?

The Support Gateway is easy to access, based on substantial evidence and flexible to meet a wide range of needs.

Faster and easier access to therapeutic support

High numbers of adoptive families who require adoption support are on long waiting lists or do not meet the threshold for either Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) or highly specialist therapeutic services.

To help these families, our service provides fast and easy access to a range of therapeutic assessments and interventions.

Access to a wide range of therapeutic support to meet a range of needs

Our service provides support at every level of need in order to provide the best interventions for adoptive families. This includes preventive support and highly specialist clinical services:

Preventative interventions: We primarily offer two different types of parenting programmes adapted to address issues relevant to adoptive parents: the Supportive Programme for Parents of Teenagers (STOP) and Webster Stratton Incredible Years. In addition to these programmes we will be conducting a range of workshops designed to address issues relevant to adoptive parents.

Therapies provided by Coram and our associates:

  • Creative Therapies provide a safe place for children to explore how to communicate and express their feelings using art, music and play. Creative therapists are trained to understand nonverbal communication and help children make links between their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

  • Mentalisation-based Family Therapy is an intervention for families with children up to 18 years of age. It aims to improve relationships within a family by supporting different members to think and talk about their own and each other’s emotions, thoughts and behaviour. It helps the family strengthen their connections and ability to think and solve problems together.

  • Individualised Parenting Support provides a space for parents to think about the specific challenges they face with parenting their child. These often focus on supporting the parents to understand their child’s internal emotional states, strengthening empathic boundaries, and reflecting on how their parenting experiences from their own family of origin are influencing their current situation.

  • Other individual child therapies, including cognitive behavioural therapy, play therapy and child psychotherapy.

  • Life story work is an intervention with children (or adults) to help them make sense of their life journey, from birth through to adoption and up to the present time in an age-appropriate and manageable form.

Specialist level services: The Support Gateway gives adoptive families the opportunity to access specialist services with our partner organisations. The packages of care delivered are bespoke and specific to the families and child’s needs.

The right therapy at the right time

Research shows that therapy is often offered based on availability and the services known to a particular worker. The Support Gateway offers a social worker and parents a consultation with a clinical psychologist in order to help them better understand the presenting difficulties and clearly formulate a bespoke treatment plan incorporating a wide range of available services.

Robust clinical governance

Adopters are often concerned by the insufficient and inconsistent delivery of support services and regularly state how they prefer an integrated offer from a trusted source.

Our service provides adopters and special guardians with the opportunity to access fully resourced teams who are able to offer a range of options. This includes clinicians such as clinical psychologists, music and arts therapists, child and adolescent psychotherapists, child and adolescent psychiatrists and systemic psychotherapists with experience and expertise in adoption issues.

Evidence-based solutions

Our streamlined service builds on the success of our work with families across the UK and our innovative multidisciplinary post-adoption support model in Kent, expanding this to provide faster access to highly specialist support services.

“This was really helpful. I have hope in my heart” – social worker participating in the Adoption Support Gateway


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