The Belonging Toolkit

The Young Citizens and Mr Gee at the launch of the toolkit for schools

The Young Citizens have co-produced a teaching resource with specialist educators Coram Life Education. This was requested by schools to increase social cohesion and inclusion and to raise awareness of the kinds of issues facing children from migrant backgrounds.

The lesson and assembly plans explore the theme of belonging through interactive activities and films featuring the voices of the Young Citizens alongside other children and young people born both in and outside the UK.

Linked to PSHE Association Learning Opportunities, as recommended by the DfE, the resources help to enrich school values, including empathy for others and respect for diversity. They also meet Citizenship and British Values requirements in the curriculum.

Through pilots in Gloucestershire, London, Somerset, Essex and Yorkshire the resources have been enhanced and refined before making them publicly available.

“This session was a very good and interesting session and makes me feel quite emotional to think about what the children has to go through.”

Pupil from Gloucester Academy

“I learnt that one tiny thing can make someone feel bad. You need to be careful how you talk to a new person.”

Pupil from Northgate Primary School

“The films were great and linking the idea of 'belonging' to the class was helpful as the students could easily relate.”

Hannah Went, teacher from Gloucester Academy

“We are a nurturing school and do our best to make everyone feel welcome and valued. From an early age children are encouraged to work together and consider the feelings of others. Coram gave us the chance to reinforce these values and helped us assess the children's understanding of belonging and their part in making others feels welcome and valued”. 

Vicki Aldous, teacher at Northgate Primary School

Find out more and download the toolkit here


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