Understanding sleep problems experienced by young people (2019)

A rapid review of literature was conducted by the team to find out what recent research tells us about sleep problems experienced by unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and children in care.

The review, which was conducted from January to March 2019, aimed to understand the nature of the problems experienced by these young people to help with the development of the Coram Sleep Project. For both groups of children there were few studies found that focused on sleep problems specifically. Sleep issues were often a small part of studies about mental health more generally.

Introduction to the review

This paper presents the findings from a rapid review of evidence about sleep problems for certain groups of vulnerable young people. The review was commissioned to inform the development of the Coram Sleep Project5 training for practitioners delivered by Dr Ana Draper in two new local authorities. The review began in November 2018 and was conducted by Coram’s Impact and Evaluation team.