Training for corporate leaders

Our Full Circle and Objects and Their Stories courses are designed for workplaces to develop their employees’ professional development, hone communication skills and improve wellbeing.

Full Circle

Delivered by Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation

About Full Circle

Full Circle is the professional development arm of Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation. transforming professional lives today to power the leaders of tomorrow.

Our unique approach combines rehearsal room techniques with a little Shakespearean flair to develop bespoke learning programmes that address each client’s individual needs.



  • Sessions led by experienced actors and directors
  • Uses the ‘off-stage’ world of preparation, play, and experimentation to enhance performance in the ‘on-stage’ world of your workplace
  • All proceeds will go back into supporting Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation (Coram SSF), a cultural education charity that gives young people across the UK the confidence to succeed in life
  • Our workshops are bespoke to your needs, running from 90 minutes through to a full day. We recommend between 15 – 20 employees to get the most out of the session

Previous clients include Google, Clifford Chance, AdvanzPharma, The Hygiene Bank and Bank of Montrea.

“The workshops brought the team closer together and gave us a great toolbox for both formal and informal presentations.”
Lucinda Case, Thomson Reuters
“Delivers genuine insight for sparkling creativity and getting the most out of your team.”
Laura King, Clifford Chance

Areas of focus


Sessions can cover a range of leadership approaches including, but not limited to, collaborative, persuasive, and creative.

  • Building confidence and an authentic leadership style
  • Imposter syndrome training and development
  • Developing resilience in leadership and team management
  • Communicating to influence an audience
  • Delivering feedback to transform performance
  • Inclusive feedback


These sessions are useful to support graduates starting their professional journey as well as those with established careers.

  • Physical and vocal techniques to enrich communication
  • Overcoming nerves and focusing the mind
  • Varying your style to influence an audience
  • How to tell stories, structuring content to deliver your message effectively

Team building

We empower and offer tools for team retention and management progression in your workplace.

  • Creating an ‘ensemble culture’ exploring how great teams work and communicate
  • Building supportive working practices
  • Developing resilience within a team
  • Valuing differences, personal awareness, and personal impact


Mindfulness techniques can help improve employee wellbeing and focus.

  • Guided through mindfulness exercises to focus thought
  • Discover where the voice comes from and explore how to use the diaphragm, throat (vocal cords), and articulators (teeth, tongue, and lips) in delivery
  • Control breath and maximise articulation and focus on ‘landing’ the voice

Levels of listening

Learn how to truly listen and deliver the needs of colleagues, clients or customers.

  • The importance of truly listening
  • Responding to an audience to accurately engage their needs
  • Explore the five levels of listening
  • Practice active listening

Next steps and how to sign up

Our sessions allow individuals to develop strategies and tactics for personal development and progression and develop a culture of mutual practical support. Line managers are equipped to champion progress, and participants have increased self-confidence and are more likely to seek opportunities for progression. Our workshops can be one-off sessions or part of long-term programmes, depending on your ambitions.

By participating in our professional corporate workshops, you’re enhancing your professional growth and contributing to the development of young school children from all corners of the UK. Transforming professional lives today to power the leaders of tomorrow.

Contact Mike Tucker (Head of CSSF) and Louise de Froment (Workshops Manager) at to discuss how we can support your team with this unique offering.

Objects and their Stories

Delivered by Coram-i

About the course

The Objects and their stories course has been developed from the innovative and pioneering work of Prof Mark Doel’s Social Work in 40 Objects project, in partnership with the innovation team at Coram, building on successful pilots in Sheffield, London and New York.

The objects around us are connected with our feelings and experiences. Exploring our relationship with objects can help us tell our stories and give us a greater understanding of other people and ourselves. This course will demonstrate how objects can shape emotions, encourage imagination and promote creative practices and relationships.

Those attending the course will be invited to share objects from their own lives.

Upcoming dates for May to be announced soon.

“Doing the course brought about connections for me in lots of different ways. It’s been a way of learning more about the work I do on a day-to-day basis... Everyone should do this course!”
Lorna Jackson
Lorna manages a Family Time service for a local authority.