Coram launches Charter For Children at Parliamentary Reception

  • 25 June 2015

Coram launches its Charter for Children

Pictured, one of the youngest children adopted through Coram with her parents, The Minister of State for Children and Families, Edward Timpson, 95 year old David Blyth, a former pupil of the Foundling Hospital School in Redhill, Dr Carol Homden, CBE, CEO Coram.  

Coram launches Charter for Children

As well as celebrating its 275th year of becoming a charity, Coram also launched its Charter for Children. The Charter outlines the changes to policy and practice affecting children’s social care, education, Rights, and health which Coram believes are necessary to bring positive change to their lives.

The real stars of the event were one of the youngest children, and the oldest person to be supported by Coram.  Guests were delighted to meet 95 year old David Blyth, a former pupil of the Foundling Hospital School in Redhill, and an 18 month toddler adopted through Coram’s Adoption Service.

In his speech, the Lord O’Donnell GCB, one of the sponsors of the event along with the Lord Listowel, a trustee of Coram Voice, emphasised the critical importance of supporting children’s wellbeing with the observation that, while children are 20% of the population, they are 100% of the future.

Dr Carol Homden CBE, Coram’s CEO, highlighted the fact that while children are no longer abandoned in the street as they were in Thomas Coram’s time, the cycle of abuse and deprivation which sadly still affects children provides evidence of the continuing need for Coram’s work.

Dr Homden also paid tribute to all those who have supported Coram in so many ways since Thomas Coram first conceived the Foundling Hospital which marked the birth of children’s social care.

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