Adoption ‘Passport’ sets out support for adopters and their children

  • 11 December 2013

The passport, which has been published with a guide on the First4Adoption website, sets out what services and support adopted children will be entitled to, including priority access to state-funded schools and, from September 2014, free early education from the age of two.

It also explains that the law is being changed so that adopters will be entitled to the same pay and birth rights as birth parents, including having the right to take time off when they are meeting the child before they move in.

Jeanne Kaniuk, Head of Coram’s Adoption and Permanent Families Service, said: “The adoption passport helps to clarify what support adoptive parents and their adopted children can expect and may be entitled to.

“Coram is pleased that legislation is being introduced that will give adoptive parents the same pay and leave rights as birth parents (from 2015).

“Clearly there will be concern that other levels of support may fall short and be subject to local variation. In particular, we would like to see better, more consistent access to Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS) so that our very most vulnerable children who have been adopted from care reliably receive the support they need.

“Coram’s Adoption Team will continue to offer life-long support to our adopters and their families, which includes access to parenting programmes, creative therapies and clinical services if needed. Over the coming year we are working to widen access to Coram’s post adoption services so that we can offer support to a greater number of families with adopted children.”

Anyone interested in adoption or who has questions about post adoption support can call First4Adoption on 0300 222 0022.

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