New film about adoption shows how Coram supports adopters

  • 24 June 2014

In our new, short film, ‘How Coram supports you’, adoptive parents discuss how Coram helped them through the adoption process and beyond.

Shezad and Rachel adopted a son through Coram. Shezad said they were instantly made to feel comfortable by their social worker: “She was very accommodating, as well as being very knowledgeable about the situation.” Rachel added that although personal matters needed to be discussed in order to prepare them for parenting, she felt at ease: “She (the Coram social worker) wasn’t judgemental.”

Paul, who adopted two boys with his partner Graham, said that he felt their social worker helped increase their confidence about parenting. “We needed to be able to reflect on our own experiences in order to… be good enough parents… And that was nice that we only had to be good enough parents, I always hang onto that: that you don’t have to be a perfect parent, you have to be good enough.”

Watch our short two-minute film in which adoptive parents talk about how Coram supports them through the adoption process and beyond.

Adopting through Coram allows prospective parents to take part in specialist training both one-on-one and with other families going through the same process. Adopters also have the chance to meet with parents who have previously adopted through Coram. Meeting others who understand what it’s like to be in the shoes of a new adopter can be extremely reassuring.

Pamela, who is a single adopter said that Coram were careful to pair adopters with children who would complement each other. “They want the best for that child. That child has been through something and they want to make it as seamless as possible.”

This video is part of a series of eight films to be added to Coram’s website, aimed at encouraging more prospective adopters to come forward.

The first film poses the question ‘Why adopt with Coram’ and the next film,’ Meeting our children’ focuses on adopters’ thoughts and feelings about their adoptive children.

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A film transcript is also available for accessibility.

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