Parents share why they adopted through Coram in short video

  • 6 June 2014

‘Why Adopt With Coram’ tells why adopters chose us and what their experience of starting their family was like.

Paul and his partner Graham have two adopted children. Paul says that he felt Coram had the right priorities: “It just felt as if everyone was focusing on what was the best thing for the kids. He added “we’ve felt so supported every step of the way.”

The video includes single parents and gay and heterosexual couples, reflecting a range of backgrounds and ethnicities.

Rob and Carol were encouraged by Coram’s experience in the field of adoption and comment on post adoption support, which Coram offer long term to all our adopters.

“Once our son came to live with us, Coram kept in touch with us to make sure everything was going ok.”

Coram has been helping children find new parents for over 40 years. Our teams include experienced adoption workers and administrative staff, operating a sensitive and professional service.

Enquirers can expect a prompt, informative and courteous response, which Susan, a single parent who is featured in the film, said made a big difference: “Approaching Coram, getting an interview straight away – that made me feel comfortable, that made me feel like these are the right people to go with.”

Susan continues, “People come to me and ask me what my experience was like and I will always say to them, you know, ‘Go to Coram!’”

This video is part of a series of three to be added to our website, aimed at encouraging more prospective adopters to come forward.

In the next short film, parents talk about the support they’ve received from Coram’s adoption service, and then the final film focuses on parents’ thoughts and feelings about their adopted children. 

A film transcript is also available for accessibility.

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