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Support our vital work by leaving a gift in your Will


We are Coram – the first children’s charity, helping hundreds of thousands of children, young people and families every year.

Too many children face inequalities and injustices.

Will you give children the love and opportunity to thrive by including Coram in your Will?

Having a Will ensures your wishes for your money, property and possessions will be followed when you are gone. As well as planning for the needs of your family and loved ones, you can also help future generations of children who need Coram’s help.

Coram offers two free Wills services to our supporters to write or update their Wills:

How your support helps

Now, more than ever, children and young people face mounting challenges when trying to make their way in the world. Many have had their education affected by the pandemic and cost of living crisis, and have fallen behind at school with no way to catch up. Others who have experience of the care system need vital support, particularly when taking their first steps to independence.

By including Coram in your Will you will change real individual lives for the better, like Sam and Rebecca.

Sam’s story

Sam, aged seven, had experienced scary early life experiences and for a long time he struggled to trust and form secure attachments. After being in foster care for two years Sam was ready to find a forever family and attended an Adoption Activity Day.

Sam was a delightful, confident little boy with a big personality and had expressed a wish for two dads as had always had a tricky time with women. On the day, he met Chris and Marcus and there was an instant connection. Chris and Marcus were a warm, nurturing couple open to developing their skills as parents. Sam moved in three months later.

Without these Activity Days this new family might never have found each other.

Rebecca’s story

Rebecca, aged 10, came from a home where her parents had unmet mental health needs and low levels of literacy and she was struggling at school. However, after working with a Coram Beanstalk reading helper over a period of 18 months she became confident with books and reading.

This really changed her attitude to school and in the words of her teacher:

“gave her hope, ambition and self-belief.”

Watch our short animation video about Coram Beanstalk below.

For nearly 300 years, Coram’s mission has been to create better chances for children. Now and forever.

With the help of gifts in Wills, we can achieve our vision of a world in which all children can have the best possible chance in life.

Find out more about our Gifts in Wills service and dedicated support team here. You can also contact our Gifts in Wills Manager, Rachael on or 020 752 0306 with any queries you have.