Homeless young people

Over 30% of homeless people have a care background and too many children find themselves homeless and unsupported by children's services.

Coram Voice's specialist homelessness outreach programme seeks to address this. Outreach advocates worked with 250 young people in the last year to provide support and help them find safe accomodation.

Vulnerable young girl supported by coram supported housing

Why is homeless outreach needed?

Young people who have been in the care system as children, or who become homeless before they are 18, have a legal right to safe housing. They should also receive wider support to plan for their future, complete their education and make the transition to independent living.

But, despite these legal entitlements, local authority budget cuts are resulting in young people being denied accommodation and support leaving already vulnerable children destitute and at risk of abuse, sexual exploitation, poor health and crime.

Find out more on the Coram Voice website.

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