TCS London Marathon 2023 Terms & Conditions

If we offer you a charity place, you will have one month from the date of the place being offered to pay your registration fee and you will be required to sign to confirm that you have read Coram’s Terms and Conditions. Until payment is received and the Terms and Conditions are signed, your place is not secured and could be offered to other runners on the waiting list.

All successful applicants must pay a £100 registration fee (non-refundable) for their place and commit to fundraising a minimum of £2,000 excluding gift aid. Participants will receive a Coram running vest prior to the event.


  • In order to be offered a Coram Golden bond TCS London Marathon place, the runner must also return the application form in which he/she guarantees to meet a minimum sponsorship of £2,000.
  • In order to be offered a Coram Golden bond TCS London Marathon place, the runner must pay a non-refundable deposit of £100 to secure their place within a month of gaining a charity place.
  • Each runner, once registered through Coram must register on the TCS London Marathon’s registration portal before the deadline set by London Marathon Events. Failure to do so by will mean they will lose their charity place.
  • Coram does not accept responsibility for failure to register but will be sending reminders to register prior to the date.


  • You agree to collect money only on behalf of Coram in connection with the Event.
  • You agree to use only lawful means to fundraise for Coram and will not do anything that harms Coram’s reputation
  • You agree that your fundraising will not include:
  • Raising funds by carrying out door-to-door unsolicited collections.
  • Collecting in any public place without first obtaining a collectors’ licence from Coram, and authorisation from the local authority and any other licences or consent that Coram requires you to obtain.
  • Collecting on private property (including shops, pubs etc) without first obtaining a collectors’ licence from Coram, and permission of the owner of the private property.
  • Conducting any raffle or lottery or putting on any public event without first contacting Coram and taking any steps which Coram requires.

Health and Safety

  • You understand you should not enter or participate in the event unless you have trained appropriately and had any health concerns checked by a medical practitioner.
  • You agree to not hold Coram or any connected persons responsible for any accident, injury or illness sustained to the fullest extent possible in law.

GDPR Personal data and images

By OPTING IN via Coram’s registration form you agree to:

  • Give permission for the free use of your name, picture, image, feedback and comments in any future publicity, advertising, fundraising materials and/or promotion relating to the event.
  • You give permission for your personal information to be stored and used by Coram in connection with the organisation.
  • You are happy to be contacted by Coram regarding challenge events and other news/events related to Coram’s work.

Sponsorship, donations and payment terms

  • You understand that Coram incurs costs for each charity place in the TCS London Marathon. We set our budgets and plan the work we do with children, young people and families on the funds received from our participants raising their sponsorship. For this reason, it is vital that you raise the funds that you have committed to when taking up your charity place with us.
  • If you have not secured 50% of your target one month before the event Coram reserves the right to refuse you entry to the official TCS London Marathon online entry system.
  • In extreme cases of failure to fundraise, one week before race day, the TCS London Marathon as well as Coram reserve the right to not allow you to run the Virgin London Marathon. Exclusion at this late stage of the race is possible and also means that your name will be on a list alerting other charities of your failure to fundraise, should you subsequently wish to run for another charity in the future.
  • You agree that Gift Aid payments cannot count towards the fundraising pledge, and instead will be considered as over and above the pledged fundraising total.
  • If the sum of £2,000 has not been paid 2 months after the event – the date of The London Marathon, you agree to pay the remainder from your own personal funds within one month of this date or in instalments to be agreed in writing with Coram. You understand that Coram reserves the right to request the payment of this sum within 2 months after the event.
  • You agree to contact us as soon as possible if you are worried about any aspect of fundraising.

Cancellations, withdrawals and refusals

  • You may withdraw from the event at any time, because of injury or other reasons, subject to the following provisions of this clause. Please note that if you withdraw less than 2 months before the event, Coram cannot reallocate your place, so you must notify us of cancellation as early as possible.
  • You agree to inform Coram immediately if you are unable to take part in the Event. All monies paid to Coram to this point may be non-refundable and treated as a donation.
  • Coram reserve the right to allow or deny runners to defer their charity place to the following year’s Marathon.
  • You understand that you will only be allowed to defer your charity place with Coram once.