Black children wait longer for adoption than any other ethnic group

  • 13 October 2020

The #YouCanAdopt campaign* has revealed that 21% of children who wait the longest to be adopted are from Black and ethnic minority groups.

That’s why Coram Ambitious for Adoption is welcoming prospective adopters from all cultures and faiths who can offer security, stability and love to these children, and the many other children waiting for adoption.

We are looking for adopters from all walks of life, and particularly want to hear from prospective adopters from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community.

You will find a wealth of information and resources on our website, where you can find out who can adopt and learn about the adoption process. You can also hear from people who have successfully adopted through Coram,  including Veronica and David’s experience of adopting a child of a similar heritage. Monica, who adopted siblings from a similar ethnic background to herself, also shares her story.

Monica says: “I’d read a lot about the difficulty of adopting children from mixed race and African race as siblings. The statistics of BAME children waiting for adoption were very high so it was very important to me.”

Monica says that Coram made her feel valued as a single and BAME adopter and through the process, “made sure I was comfortable, supported me when I was a bit unsure, challenged me when I needed to be challenged.”

Find out more by attending one of our virtual adoption information events or by exploring our website at 


*#YouCanAdopt is a national campaign to raise awareness of adoption and dispel some of the myths around who is eligible to adopt. This includes letting people know that gender, relationship status, ethnicity, age or religion don’t matter if you can love and care for a child, and that you can adopt regardless of your ethnic or religious background.