Coram Adoption retains Ofsted ‘outstanding’ rating

  • 20 January 2022

The inspection rated the overall experiences and progress of service users as ‘outstanding’, and how well children, young people and adults are helped and protected as ‘good’, while the effectiveness of leaders and managers is considered ‘outstanding’.

The report says: “Adopted children and their families receive exceptional services from this agency. Highly skilled and professional staff prepare adopters and early permanence foster carers to understand the impact of developmental trauma in children’s early life experiences. The progress that children and adopters make is excellent, considering their starting points. The agency is leading early permanence and adoption work in all its aspects.

“Despite the generally young age of children being adopted, children’s views, wishes and feelings are understood and considered through observation and through therapeutic services offered. Prospective adopters receive high-quality preparation, assessment and support which enables them to understand the needs of the children waiting for adoptive families. The agency is constantly thinking about how to improve and support adopters within this process.

“Strong leadership has started addressing the diversity issues for children awaiting adoption. This ambition is being tirelessly taken forward in planning, training, recruitment, family finding and supporting adopted children and their families.”

Sue Lowndes, Managing Director of Coram Adoption, said: “We are absolutely delighted by the outcome of our most recent inspection, we have worked exceptionally hard to make sure our services for children and families are the very best they can be. We pride ourselves in preparing and supporting families from all backgrounds to successfully adopt children and to continue to find new ways and approaches to support them.”

The full Ofsted report can be read here.

About Coram Adoption
Coram Adoption, a member of the Coram Group of charities, has over 40 years’ experience in finding permanent loving families for children needing adoption. As a voluntary adoption agency we work mostly in London and Home Counties and in partnership with ten local authorities to deliver the Coram Ambitious for Adoption regional adoption agency. Coram Adoption will have placed 46 children for adoption during this year.