Coram welcomes new government rules to give extra support to adopters

  • 12 June 2014

Jeanne Kaniuk, Managing Director of Coram’s Adoption Services, said: “We are very pleased with how well the government has listened to constructive feedback from the adoption sector and its continued commitment to speeding up the adoption process.  

“We are particularly pleased to see that from 2015 adopters will have the same level of statutory leave and pay as other new parents, and also that Concurrent Planning and Foster for Adoption carers will have the same rights as adopters from day one of their employment.  This will give them much needed support whilst they are settling their child into their family.

“Up till now concurrent carers have not qualified for leave or pay whilst they are fostering the child unless the placement becomes an adoptive one.  They have had to resign from their paid employment in order to take a placement – whether or not the child remains with them.” 

Jeanne added: “Given the critical role of Concurrent Planning in giving young children a greater chance of finding stability and forming secure attachments with permanent adoptive parents, we believe it is crucial that concurrent carers are supported to provide this care.”

Coram has been running its successful Concurrent Planning service since 1999.  For further information about the service click here

Read the government’s response to the consultation ‘Adoption: Getting it right, making it work here

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