CoramBAAF’s John Simmonds announced on new body supporting children exposed to trauma

  • 17 September 2020

UK Trauma Centre

The UKTC brings together 22 leading experts in research, policy and practice to address the support available to young people who have been exposed to different forms of traumatic event – including single incidents, as well as abuse and neglect. Hosted and supported by the Anna Freud Centre, it will empower professionals and local communities in supporting children and young people who have suffered trauma.

Research suggests that one in three young people is exposed to traumatic events by age 18 in England and Wales, and approximately one-third of all mental health problems are associated with exposure to childhood trauma and adversity.

John Simmonds said: “I am delighted to welcome the launch of the UK Trauma Council. Over the time that the Council has become established, we have seen the emergence of two profound worldwide issues – Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter, as well as a focus on the longer-term consequences of tragic events such as the Manchester Arena Bombing and the Grenfell Tower fire. These events remind us of the potential risks and vulnerabilities that children and young people often face in their daily lives in unexpected ways.

“The establishment of the UKTC provides a significant opportunity to explore and find solutions to these wide-ranging issues. I am delighted to add what I can to this work.”

Read today’s announcement from the Anna Freud Centre about the launch of the UKTC