Flourish – art exhibition by care experienced children

  • 19 November 2013

‘Flourish’ includes painting, sculpture and photography by talented artists up to the age of 25, each of whom has experienced the challenges of growing up being looked after by someone other than their parents.

Flourish was the first national programme to promote artwork by young people with such a diverse history of care. It was set up as a response to looked-after artists’ frustration about a lack of opportunity to show work. Artists may be looked after by carers, be fostered or adopted, in secure accommodation or have special needs. Flourish celebrates talent and hopes to encourage confidence and skills toward creative careers.

Flourish artists have gone on to university to study art, volunteered at galleries and held solo shows. Many artists have sold their work as a result of being exhibited.

The exhibition runs until 15 September at the cafe in the Foundling Museum, Brunswick Square, London WC1N 1AZ.

Opening hours are: Tuesday-Saturday: 10pm-5pm; Sunday: 11-5pm; closed on Mondays. 

Useful Links 

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