Adoptive mum shares happiness in short film

  • 17 September 2014

Susan met her daughter, who is now eight years old, on Valentine’s Day and immediately the two formed a strong bond.

“I remember going home [after our first meeting] and she was crying; she didn’t want me to leave. In one day we had bonded so quickly.”

At the beginning of the process, Susan says that she was made to feel very comfortable by Coram and was impressed by how quickly she was contacted.

“Approaching Coram, getting an interview straight away…it made me feel like these [were] the right people to go with.”


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Susan already has an adult birth son but was keen to adopt, even though she was single. She spoke of how rewarding having her daughter in her life is and had a message of encouragement:

“If there is anybody out there who may be thinking about adopting and they are single and they may be holding back for one reason or another; don’t! [My daughter] brings so much joy to my life…so much happiness.”

Coram offers information meetings with other prospective adopters, where you can find out more and hear from an adopter about their experiences, these meetings can be attended at any stage of the process.

Prospective adopters will have a social worker to work with you, who will spend time getting to know you and what your strengths as an adoptive parent are likely to be. You will be invited to a series of preparation groups which will help you explore various aspects of adoption and the challenges and joys of being an adoptive parent.

Once the assessment is completed the social worker will write a report for the adoption panel. You will have the opportunity to see and comment on the panel report and will be invited to attend the panel meeting.

Coram runs one of the most successful voluntary adoption services with a 99% success rate. We are totally committed to helping vulnerable children so they can live happy and healthy lives in a loving and supportive family.  Our adoption teams include experienced adoption workers and administrative staff who will always offer you a sensitive and professional service.

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