Jacqueline Wilson’s tale of fictional foundling takes to stage

  • 14 May 2014

Hetty Feather book jacket‘Hetty Feather,’ originally a popular book for children by Jacqueline Wilson is a family-friendly production which is touring until September 6th.

The show gives a dramatic account of Hetty’s childhood, reflecting on the themes of loss and hope, which many who grew up in the Foundling Hospital will have shared in.

“When you don’t know who you are, you can be anyone you want to be,” says Hetty, who eventually runs away to join the circus and find her birth mother.

It includes music, gymnastics and ariel movement and has been hailed as imaginative and humorous.

The social conventions of Victorian society were markedly different from those today and children whose parents couldn’t look after them were often sent to institutions like the workhouse. In the Foundling Hospital, children received good standards of care and were educated and supported to find work when they came of age.

Coram is currently celebrating our 275th year as a children’s charity, and is calling on supporters to sign our anniversary pledge wall.

Jacqueline Wilson is an avid supporter of Coram and has shared the following pledge, “It’s wonderful to know that the children’s charity Coram is still helping so many children 275 years after Thomas Coram first started his very special Foundling Hospital.

Jacqueline Wilson's pledge“It’s good that so many people have taken her to their hearts. It’s even better that Coram is caring for so many real life vulnerable children nowadays. They can turn their lives around.”

‘Hetty Feather’ is showing in Edinburgh, Cambridge, Sheffield and London at the Vaudeville Theatre in September. To book tickets and for further information go to the show’s website.

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