A positive Big Adoption Day at Coram East Midlands

  • 21 March 2016

Coram East Midlands Big Adoption Day event - helium balloons are releasedThe event saw families who had adopted with Coram East Midlands sharing their stories with potential adopters, and demonstrating in different ways how and why adoption is important to them.  The event began with face painting and the filling of 30 helium balloons for release at the end.

After an introduction about the Big Adoption Day and the work of Independent Adoption Agencies, the new Big Adoption Day animation was screened. There was a short performance, poems were read aloud and some adopters and adoptees nominated films and songs that they felt exemplified how adoption has affected their lives.  After the attendees had a chance to mingle, they took the balloons outside, and one was released to represent each child that Coram East Midlands had placed for adoption in the last year. Attendees were encouraged send good wishes to each child as they released their balloon.

Jeanne Kanuik OBE, Coram’s Managing Director of Adoption Services, said:

“We’re delighted that Coram East Midlands’ Big Adoption Day event was such a success, and was both meaningful and informative for all who attended. The releasing of the symbolic balloons was a really lovely gesture, and we’d like to thank all the attendees, particularly the children and young people, for making it such a special occasion.”