Coram Adoption East Midlands Ofsted report

Coram Adoption East Midlands is a branch of Coram, an independent adoption agency whose main office is based in Central London. It recruits, prepares and approves adopters for domestic adoption only, within approximately one hour’s travelling distance of the office base in Shepshed, Leicestershire

Between April 2012 and March 2013, Coram Adoption East Midlands placed 15 children. As of 31 March 2013, 23 adoptive families had been approved, of which 17 were either matched or had children in placement and six families were available and waiting to be matched to children.

Key Achievements

  • Between April-October 2013, Coram Adoption East Midlands reported an upward trend of enquirers and a 34% increase in the number of applications on the previous year’s figures. The number of children placed increased by almost 100%.
  • The adoption service was above national comparators in approving families for adoption within eight months of their application. It was also above national comparators when it came to the timeliness of matching adopters to children waiting; 88% were matched within six months of being approved compared with 55% of the comparator group.
  • Worked with adopters to provide stable family lives for children who otherwise may not have that experience because they are older, disabled, come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds or need to live with brothers and sisters.
  • Provided adoption support that was a particular area of significant strength and outstanding practice.Undertook work with adopted adults, allowing a better understanding of their histories and acceptance of their situation.