Our training programmes

The Academy provides specialist training for social work managers, practitioners, children’s services professionals and carers to enable them to improve outcomes for children and young people. In addition, we have developed a range of programmes designed to support professional growth within the corporate space.

Our offer includes:

  • Both online and face-to-face training on all aspects of adoption for professionals
  • A comprehensive range of publications and resources offering up-to-date practice guidance and advice on adoption and fostering
  • Support for local authorities to better equip them to achieve permanency for looked-after children through long-term care
  • Training courses from our legal centre on children and young people’s rights for professionals working with them, including social workers, advocates, support workers, teachers, foster carers and volunteers
  • Training for professionals supporting disabled young people as they prepare for life beyond care, including how to advocate for their wishes to be heard
  • High-quality, evidence-informed PSHE training for schools across the UK
  • Carer-focused courses to develop life story work – a social work intervention with children and adults designed to recognise their past, present, and future
  • Corporate leadership workshops delivered by our Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation team, incorporating techniques on topics such as leadership, presentation skills, team building, mindfulness and listening

You can find out about our training for different audiences below or explore all of our training offering here.

Sector professionals training

View our range of sector professional training courses on a wide range of topics.

Carers-focused training

View our range of carer-focused training courses.

Corporate leadership and development training

View our business development workshops.

Training for teachers and educational professionals

View our range of training for teachers, delivered by Coram Life Education.

Training for legal professionals

Explore our expert bespoke training for those working in the legal sector, delivered by Coram Children's Legal Centre.

CoramBAAF bookshop

A range of books are available to purchase from the CoramBAAF bookshop, from professional research to guides for adopters.