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School Exclusions Hub

Our School Exclusions Hub offers free information and resources for professionals and community organisations supporting children and their families to challenge school exclusions.

Published 21 July 2023

children were permanently excluded from school in 2021/22

The hub is the UK’s largest online resource covering every aspect of school exclusions.

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Our training programmes

The Academy provides specialist training for social work managers, practitioners, children’s services professionals and carers to enable them to improve outcomes for children and young people. In addition, we have developed a range of programmes designed to support professional growth within the corporate space.

Published 22 February 2023

training courses delivered every year

Our training courses are aimed at a wide range of audiences, delivered by those with expert knowledge and experience in their field.

Our training and resources

Dedicated to the protection and promotion of children’s rights

Coram International works with governments, UN bodies, IGOs and NGOs around the world to protect and promote children and young people’s human rights.

Published 21 March 2023

partners worked with

We work with a range of partners to protect and promote the rights of children through the reform of law, policy and practice.

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Creating loving families through adoption

We have helped build forever families through adoption for more than 50 years. Today we run one of the UK’s largest and most successful independent adoption agencies.

Published 22 February 2023

Families supported to consider adoption in the last five years

We have pioneered approaches to bringing loving families together, opening the way for LGBTQ+, single people and those from diverse backgrounds.

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Championing children's rights

We provide free legal information, advice and representation to children and young people, families, carers and professionals. Our consultancy work helps uphold children’s rights internationally. We combine our frontline work and our specialist knowledge to ensure children’s rights are embedded in law, policy and practice.

Published 15 February 2023

People received legal advice via email/phone in 2021/2022

Our Child Law Advice Service provides free legal information and advice on family and education law.

How we champion children's rights

Providing early permanence for children

We aim to provide young children in care proceedings with the opportunity to live with their forever family as early as possible. This early permanence gives young children emotional, physical and legal security, which can make a huge difference to their lives.

Published 21 February 2023

adoption agencies have joined our Early Permanence Network

Our Early Permanence Network enables adoption agencies across the country to share best practice in finding lasting families early for young children.

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