Coram Impact Report 2022/23

Discover how in the wake of the pandemic, Coram has continued to provide better chances for children, now and forever.

Following the pandemic, which exacerbated existing trends where the lives of too many children and young people were blighted by trauma, poverty and neglect, the Coram Group has worked tirelessly to create better chances for children and young people through our schools programmes, our legal support and advocacy, best practice support for professionals and our research and policy recommendations.

Key Achievements

  • 16,247 parents and carers supported by Coram Children’s Legal Centre
  • 865 young people enabled to help 8,867 of their peers through Coram volunteering placements and creative projects
  • Nine local authorities across London and Slough received adoption services from Coram Ambitious for Adoption regional adoption agency, which was also awarded the national Early Permanence Quality Mark
  • 400 children benefitted from Coram Adoption Activity Days with one in four of them finding a loving home
  • 39% more therapeutic services provided to the most vulnerable children through direct therapeutic needs’ assessment and family and creative therapy interventions
  • 13,086 young people supported to get their voices heard through advocacy, independent visitor services, the national Always Heard helpline, participatory research and young ambassador programmes
  • 15,911 pages of the Coram archive transcribed by 3,000 volunteers
  • 9,000 plus young people took part in the Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation Theatre Festival
  • 574,000 children in schools across England and Scotland supported by Coram Life Education to gain the skills and wellbeing they need for life
  • 54,2006 professionals supported to ensure young people have access to high-quality services
  • 274 Parent Champions supported 30,000 parents to understand their rights and how to go about accessing childcare and services
  • 48 countries covered by the work of Coram International to develop laws, policies and programmes to protect and promote children’s  rights