School Exclusions Hub

An indispensable free resource for challenging school exclusions


Our School Exclusions Hub offers free information and resources for professionals and community organisations supporting children and their families in challenging school exclusions.

The School Exclusions Hub provides legal, advocacy and community organisations with the knowledge and tools they need to support young people who are excluded from school. It is the UK’s largest online resource covering every aspect of school exclusions. There are hundreds of free resources available with no subscription fee or login needed.

We will continue to expand the Hub, and are aiming to develop further resources specifically targeted at families and young people.

The Hub contains:

  • Quick guides on topics relating to school exclusions
  • Longer step-by-step guides on topics relating to school exclusions
  • Template documents for forms and legal documents
  • Suggested wording guides for letters and legal documents

Coram works to deliver seven key outcomes for children and young people, and this new Hub will contribute to our key outcome to deliver A Fair Chance for children and young people. It will ensure that they – and their parents, carers and professional support network – can access legal support and advocacy whenever they need it.

How to access the resources

All of the resources for professionals are now available in our new School Exclusions Hub. You can see existing resources for on school exclusions for young people and families on the Child Law Advice Service website. This service is part of Coram Children’s Legal Centre.



children were permanently excluded from school in 2021/22*


children were suspended from school in 2021/22*

Those with SEND

are the highest group of children disproportionately excluded*

"More and more children and young people are having their chances in life blighted by school exclusion and the risks of homelessness. Their voices must be heard... to get the fair chance in education and the access to justice that they deserve."
Dr Carol Homden, Coram CEO

*Government exclusions statistics for 2021/22


School Exclusions Hub

The School Exclusions Hub gives professionals, charities, and community organisations working with families and young people the vital information they need to understand and challenge exclusions.

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