Coram adopter David Lammy writes about adoption for the Metro

  • 14 October 2019

The piece marks National Adoption Week, which takes place from 14 – 20 October 2019, and aims to encourage adopters to come forward and learn more about the adoption process. 

David Lammy, who adopted his daughter through Coram, explains in the article how necessary new adopters are. He says:  “In London, there is a particular need to find homes for children described as ‘hard to place’. This includes children from our diverse communities, in sibling groups of two or more, as well as those children with disabilities or special needs. Giving these children a new start will not only enrich their lives and your own, it contributes to making our society a better and more loving place. Across the country, we are enduring the related crises of loneliness, depression, drug abuse and violent crime.'”

He makes a direct appeal for adopters in the article, too : “During this National Adoption Week, the simple message is this: If you have room in your home – and more importantly in your heart – to consider adopting a child who needs a loving family, we want to hear from you.”

“The best thing my family ever did, along with having our sons, was adopt our daughter” – David Lammy 

He concludes by talking about Coram’s activites in National Adoption Week:  “Adopting a child is challenging but agencies can provide a range of training and support to adoptive families. This week Coram Ambitious for Adoption – the first regional adoption agency in London and part of the oldest children’s charity – is holding its first Celebrate Success event to welcome adopters from across the capital. It will launch new resources produced by The Adoptables, a group of adopted young people to help others to learn how to tell their story. I hope the stories you read today will show how people from all walks of life are becoming adopters and may inspire you to join us.”

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