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The Adoptables is a platform for young people to express their views and their experiences of adoption

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What we do

The Adoptables is a network of regional groups for adopted young people aged between 13 and 25. Young people participate in a range of workshops, and are give the chance to share their views on adoption-related topics with local adoption teams.

They also have opportunities to take part in events such as a summer picnic and theatre production. Each regional group also has at least one ambassador who represent the voice of the regional group in the publica arena.

Ambassadors join a programme that runs for one year with two weekend residentials and opportunities to participate in media training, public speaking training and personal development support. 

We also offer a toolkit for teachers to help staff and students learn best about how to support adopted young people at school. 

The Adoptables helps:

  • Young people get their voices heard about how to improve adoption for children and young people  
  • Parents, by offering a safe place where adopted children can express themselves while building friendships and sharing understanding of each other's experiences.
  • Adoption professionals, by providing a platform for professionsals to set up their own young people's group
  • Schools discover what the day-to-day reality is for adopted young people at school through our free The Adoptables Schools Toolkit resource with lessons and films for Key Stage 2 and 3, which explain what being adopted is like, and how young adopted people can be supported at school.  

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