Why I am leaving Coram a gift in my Will

Gifts in Wills both large and small make a life-changing difference to vulnerable children. Read about the Coram supporters who have decided to remember Coram in their will.

Ruth Crow shares why she has decided to remember Coram in her Will

Image of Ruth Crow“When I was a head teacher at a Westminster State Primary School my Educational Psychologist, put me in touch with Coram. The school received very practical help for some of the pupils, and I have stayed in touch with Coram ever since. 


I can still recall the

name and face of one

little boy, when he heard

a placement had been

found for him.

"There were children attending the school who had waited long for adoption. I can still recall the name and face of one little boy, when he heard a placement had been found for him. He had been finding concentration very hard, and he was making no progress at all with reading or writing. Another older girl was often so overcome by her troubled life; she had gained nothing at the school. She learned to shelter in the office rather than break down or create a scene. All children like them need a stable and loving home to gain the confidence necessary for successful learning. 

"Coram has one of the best records for successful adoption in the country. This work is painstaking and expensive. It takes many years for a child to be settled successfully, and Coram supports the families as well as the children.

"Last year I had the opportunity to meet three elderly Coram "children" – former Foundling Hospital pupils. They were impressive people, who had thrived with interesting careers, but who had fascinating memories of the discipline that they had experienced while children in Coram's care. They felt it had given them stability that had stood them in good stead. They now return "home" as much respected adults for Coram's social events, and they follow the new Coram ventures with interest.

"The spirit of the wonderful Captain Coram is carried on by the present organisation. I urge readers to organize a donation in their wills, as I have done, so that the comfort and care of children and families can be continued, in the memory of this determined hard working man.”

Interested in leaving a gift in you Will?

To discuss leaving a gift to Coram in your Will, please contact our Gifts in Wills Advisor, Rachael Corns, on 020 7520 0306 or [email protected]

Coram supporter Liz Beloe shares why she decided to leave a personal legacy to Coram 

Coram Supporter Liz Beloe“As I grow older I am acutely aware of current pressures on families. The world in which my grandchildren are growing up is very different and it is easy to feel rejection, alienation and purposelessness. I believe passionately in children and the importance of their childhoods.

"As a retired counsellor, I’m aware of the possible outcomes of insecure and inconsistent attachments in the early years, and the subsequent impact this can have on their self esteem and self worth.


I believe passionately

in children and the

importance of their


"Many of the children supported by Coram will have suffered emotional and physical abuse or neglect, or have witnessed violence and trauma in their early years. And at a time when more and more children need to be taken into care, Coram is committed to changing lives and rescuing childhoods. By seeking permanent homes for them, this organisation is about giving better chances for children.

"Offering vital post-adoption support for adoptive parents makes a colossal difference at a stressful and bewildering stage; with two Godchildren who have had recent experiences of adoption, I know what a hard and rocky journey it is without good supportive follow-up.For young vulnerable care leavers, with no family to turn to, facing a hostile dangerous world without the on-going support from Coram feels unthinkable.

"So I’d encourage you to consider placing a gift in Coram’s safe hands. Every legacy, however small, can make a difference, and is money well spent towards vulnerable youngsters finding love, acceptance, value and their rightful place in the world. What better investment could there be in the emotional health of future generations and society?”

Interested in leaving a gift in you Will?

To discuss leaving a gift to Coram in your Will, please contact our Gifts and Wills Manager, Rachael Corns, on 020 7520 0306 or [email protected]



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