Supporting parents

Whether parents are having trouble coping in the early years or are overwhelmed by their own problems and struggle to provide the stability their children need, Coram offers different levels of support so that they can do their best for their children.

adoptive dad hugging his little girl

Helping parents do their best for their children

For some families, friendly support and advice can make all the difference. We support parents and families one-to-one or in groups, and provide access to more specialist help and support should they or their children need it. 

Some children face serious risk in their own homes because of family relationship difficulties, mental health problems or the effects of drug and alcohol misuse. We work intensively with children, parents and childcare professionals to reduce risk to children at home, ensuring they are kept safe and do not “slip through the net”.

We also provide free legal advice for families and professionals working with children in order to help protect children’s rights.

Whatever the circumstances, Coram can provide the appropriate level of support.

Parents who are separating

If you and your partner are separating, Coram can give you practical advice that will help you best support your children through this difficult time.

This covers:

  • The effects separation may have on your children,
  • Putting your children first during and after your separation,
  • How to explain your separation or divorce to your children,
  • Helping your children manage grief and loss constructively,
  • How to establish good parenting relationships between you and your partner.

Parents of adolescents

As young people develop, explore and define their individuality, parents must adapt to support their changing needs. Coram offers parents support to help you find the best ways of keeping your teenagers safe and ensuring your family continues to flourish.

Our work includes:

  • Building stronger family relationships by boosting communication,
  • Preventing family conflict,
  • One-to-one support,
  • Telephone helplines,
  • Group workshops aimed at steering teenagers away from risk.

Young parents

The UK has the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Western Europe, yet many young people who have children still lack the support they need to help them cope with the challenges they face. Coram helps young parents aged 13-25 balance parenthood with their own needs, actively working to create better outcomes for these parents and their children.

Parents from faith and community groups

If you are a parent of a particular faith or community group and feel excluded in your area, Coram’s team of locally-recruited workers can help you find the support you need.

In particular, we offer one-to-one, group and drop-in sessions for parents of specific minority ethnic backgrounds, including:

  • Bengali,
  • Somali,
  • Turkish.

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