Our Christmas Appeal


Give Love and Opportunity this Christmas

This Christmas, there are 2.2m children and young people living in vulnerable families*. A gift of £25 or whatever you can afford could give a child or young person the love and opportunity they need to thrive in life

Your gift could help provide access to educational opportunities that build confidence and enrich their lives; advocacy and legal support to ensure they get the rights children and young people are entitled to; or a safe and loving adoptive or foster family. 

Last year Coram helped over 138,000 children, young people and their families access vital services and unlock a world of love and opportunity.

What your gift could provide

£25 could help us support a child learning to read 

Imagine you’re a small child sitting in a noisy classroom. You have no books at home and as your teacher writes on the whiteboard you feel lost, excluded and anxious. Your teacher notices you’re struggling, but with 29 other children to manage, they can’t give you the one-to-one time you desperately need. Sadly this is all too common, but at Coram we supported more than 10,000 children last year through one-to-one reading programmes.

£50 could help us provide advocacy and legal support to a child leaving care 

Imagine you have been in care your entire childhood. By the age of 18 you’re completely on your own. You’re placed into accommodation in a new, unfamiliar town, but without the support of a caring adult you’re left to find your way in life, alone.  This happens up and down the UK every year. At Coram we supported 6,200 care leavers last year who faced a very unfamiliar and scary future, ensuring they had the love and opportunity they needed to thrive in their new lives.

£100 could help find adoptive parents for a child in care 

Imagine you’re a toddler and for your own protection you’ve been placed into care and are awaiting adoption. There are 3,000 children like this waiting to be adopted in England. We run our own National Adoption Activity Days, where we match children with complex needs with families looking to adopt. Of the children who attend, 1 out of every 4 finds a loving home. This Christmas you can help ensure more of them find the long-term love and opportunity they need.

You can also donate over the phone by calling 020 7520 0330. (Office hours are Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm.)

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*Children’s Commissioner - Childhood in the time of Covid, September 2020

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