Childcare and early years

Coram Family and Childcare logoCoram Family and Childcare works to make the UK a better place for families by bringing together findings from our on the ground parent-led programmes and our research to campaign for solutions that parents want and need.

We focus on childcare and early years to make a difference to families’ lives now and in the long term.

The charity’s approach is to listen, innovate, advocate and support, in order to achieve long lasting change for all families. We focus particularly on those who face disadvantage or multiple challenges, including social exclusion, precarious work conditions and poverty.

Parent-led programmes, such as the Parent Champions National Network, reach thousands of disadvantaged families each year, and the charity’s childcare surveys have become the definitive source of information on the cost and availability of childcare in the UK each year.

Coram Family and Childcare works with local authorities, schools and providers of family services to support and train them to deliver government initiatives and improve their quality of provision.

We support the All Party Parliamentary Group on Families in the Early Years and our research reveals new insights to formulate innovative policy solutions to ensure families are supported and have genuine choice.

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