Coram Voice Impact Report 2014-2015

During 2014-2015, Coram Voice supported 3,719 children and young people to get their voices heard, challenge things they were unhappy with, and access what was rightfully theirs. Read more about the young people we work with in this report.

Our impact highlights

• We provide a National Advocacy Helpline that children can call for support when they have problems with Children’s Services. The Helpline gives advice, undertakes advocacy case work and takes referrals for one-to-one Community Advocacy support.
• Our advocates also visit settings including residential schools, children’s homes, secure psychiatric units, and foster care, to ensure these young people have someone independent from the system to talk to and seek support from.
• We provide Independent People for Children Act Complaints and Secure Accommodation Reviews, ensuring these processes properly involve young people.
• We provide Independent Visitors – volunteers who support children in care, giving them a reliable, consistent long-term relationship.
• We are child-driven and engage young people in all aspects of our work. Care-experienced young people help to shape our strategy, drive campaigns, interview staff and design and deliver training.
• We campaign to fix the system so that future children do not face similar problems. We lobby and support government, both nationally and locally, to change policies and practices so that children and care leavers have a better experience of being in care, and to adopt a more child-friendly approach to Children’s Services.

Author Coram Voice
Publication Date Thursday 16th July 2015

📄 Coram Voice Impact Report 2014-2015