Coram Adopt Anglia Ofsted report

Coram Adopt Anglia, located in Cambridge, is a branch of Coram, an independent adoption agency whose main office is based in Central London. It recruits, prepares and approves adopters for domestic adoption only, within a 50 mile radius of Cambridge. It supports adoptive families once a child is placed with them and also provides post-adoption support to families and children

Between April 2012 and March 2013, Coram Anglia Adoption placed 13 children within 10 families. As of 31 March 2013, 14 adoptive families had been approved, of which 10 were either matched or had children in placement and four families were available and waiting to be matched to children.

Key Achievements

  • In July 2013, Coram Adopt Anglia implemented new arrangements for timescales, ensuring a prompt service for potential adopters.
  • Developed a successful partnership with a neighbouring local authority’s adoption service, which has been on-going for two years.
  • We also promoted collaborations with other agencies, resulting in an increasing number of adoptive placements made and implementing concurrent planning.
  • Focused on safeguarding children throughout the preparation and assessment of adopters, including safe care, the dangers of social media and how children’s previous experiences of neglect, abuse and trauma may impact on their behaviour.
  • Children, regardless of their characteristics, are living in well-matched families with adoptive parents who meet their needs effectively.