Coram Fostering Service Ofsted report

This service, known as Concurrent Planning, operates in partnership with local authorities to provide a specialist service to children up to two years who are subject to care proceedings and where in the view of the courts there is likelihood that the child will need a permanent placement outside the birth family

The service provides outstanding support, training and supervision to its staff and carers. This enables them to provide very high quality care to children. Services are child focused and meet individual needs extremely well. The agency positively considers applicants to become foster carers irrespective of cultural, religious or sexual orientation. The organisation is professionally managed to ensure that the functions of the agency are efficiently and effectively carried out. Carers, social workers, and independent reviewing officers are all extremely positive about the agency, foster carers and the care provided to children.

Key Achievements

  • The service put the interests and wellbeing of the child at the centre of the care planning. As a result, children’s individual needs were met extremely well.
  • Protected children from harm or neglect by upholding our policy in place. This gave our staff the opportunity to develop appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to ensure the safety and welfare of children.
  • Promoting our naming ceremony which involved the birth parents, the foster carers, the agency and the social workers, in cases of placement arrangements becoming permanent.
  • Ensured good data collection and evaluation of service activities to provide very high quality care to children.
  • Currently promoting the Children’s Workforce Development Council standards for foster carers to encourage all carers to work towards achieving these standards.