Corporate partnerships

Little girl looking out of the windowWorking in partnership with Coram helps your company meet its corporate social responsibilities while helping vulnerable children and young people

Coram has been changing children's and young people's lives for over 275 years. Why not talk to our Corporate Partnerships Team for more information about how your company can get involved  on 020 7520 0426 or email

Forming a partnership with Coram can help you:

Achieve your corporate social responsibility objectives

We pride ourselves on building bespoke partnerships to maximise the impact of your support on the lives of vulnerable children.

Achieve national reach with local focus

Coram is a national charity which each year helps more than one million children and young people across the UK. We’ll help you identify a programme in your community that will raise the profile of your business locally.

Support the most vulnerable

Coram works with the most vulnerable children and young people in society. With your support, we can help those in greatest need.

Transform lives

We can demonstrate the impact of your partnership. You’ll receive progress reports to demonstrate the difference your investment is making.

Boost employee engagement

Involving your employees in a partnership with Coram can develop team building, boost morale and increase staff retention.



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