Adoption and Special Guardianship Families

Adoption and Special Guardianship (SGO) families can be referred to our service in collaboration with the Adoption Support Fund.

Who can refer a child for Coram art or music therapy?

With parental consent, anyone involved with a child’s family may refer them to Coram’s Creative Therapies service for art or music therapy. Parents, adopters and guardians can also make referrals.

Multi-disciplinary assessment

Once referred, families will complete a multi-disciplinary assessment. This brings together multiple perspectives in a therapeutic intervention, which offers a space to parents and their children to talk with relevant professionals. This gives a collaborative and evidence-informed understanding of the current difficulties and needs of the family, helping to ensure ongoing support is targeted and appropriate.

It aims to gain a holistic view of:

  • Strengths of the child and family
  • Developmental history including past traumas
  • What has been tried to support this child/family in the past
  • Possible barriers to accessing/receiving help
  • Parenting styles/relationships and the attachments involved
  • Social and community support or challenges

On completion of the multi-disciplinary assessment, if appropriate, the family will then be offered one of our creative therapies.

Our Creative Therapy team support children, young people and their families with a variety of needs however we do not offer diagnoses. We are able to signpost you if that is what you feel would be most helpful for your family.

The following groups are currently running for Adoption and SGO families:

Harmony music group via Zoom

For further information please contact:

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