Our Creative Therapies

Coram's ground breaking art and music therapy helps children from complex and traumatic backgrounds every day.

Music and art therapy supports vulnerable children.Some children may have witnessed  violence or experienced neglect; and some have physical or psychological conditions that could see them socially isolated.They are often unable to understand or explain their feelings. Watch our four-minute film clip to see our Creative Therapies in action.

*A film transcript for our film is provided for accessibility. Reproduction by third parties is strictly forbidden. Please contact our Press Office with enquiries.

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How Coram Creative Therapies help children

We offer our ground-breaking art and music therapy at our Coram Community Campus in London, in schools and in the community, using music and art to stimulate self-expression in children, young people and their parents. These therapies are based on our rich musical and artistic heritage - the composer Handel and the artist Hogarth were two of Coram's earliest supporters.

Helping children deal with loss and trauma

More than 90% of parents reported their child's behavioural issues improved after attending creative therapy. Positive results include:

  • Increased concentration and attention skills.
  • Improved family and social relationships.
  • Enhanced communication and speech skills.
  • Increased confidence.

For many children it is the first step towards finding ways of dealing with their feelings of loss, frustration and emotional trauma so that they can start to learn to trust, love and lead happier lives.

To find out more about our Creative Therapies, contact our team on 020 7520 0311 or at creativetherapyadmin@coram.org.uk

He was able to show his angry feelings without anything being broken or anyone being hurt, then he could leave it behind. - Mum of six-year-old boy

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