Migrant Children's Project

In the past year in England, more than 4,000 unaccompanied children claimed asylum compared with 2,569 the year before.*

Teenage boy in hoodieThe Migrant Children's Project (MCP), delivered by Coram Children's Legal Centre (CCLC), promotes the rights of all refugee and migrant children, young people and families, and works to ensure that they receive the protection and support they need whether they are unaccompanied or in a family.

The current European migrant crisis, in which 25% of migrants are estimated to be children, has meant that MCP is more vital than ever.


*  Rise in lone children claiming asylum in England, BBC website, 7 September 2016, www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-36714617

How Coram helps migrant children and young people

The strength of the Migrant Children’s Project (MCP) is its comprehensive approach to changing indivduals lives and ensuring the best outcomes for migrant children.

We help migrant children in the following ways:

"I have a better understanding of where I stand and where I have to go now." – Migrant Children's helpline caller

Hear from Lizzie, a Youth Rights Trainer with the Migrant Children's Project

Migrant Children's Project publications

The Migrant Children's Project has published a number of significant research reports, including reports on undocumented migrants in the UK, Growing Up In a Hostile Environment: The rights of undocumented migrant children in the UK; the age assessment process, Happy Birthday? Disputing the age of children in the immigration system; and advice provision, Seeking Support (this link takes you to CCLC's website). 

Coram Children's Legal Centre, the Immigration Act 2016 and care leavers

CCLC remains concerned the recent Immigration Act means that support could be withdrawn from vulnerable care leavers with uncertain immigration status. Before the Act was passed, CCLC won some important concessions including a change meaning that those with a pending application to the Home Office when they turn 18 will still receive leaving-care support. 

Refugee Children's Consortium

CCLC also chairs the Refugee Children’s Consortium, which is a broad coalition of organisations working to ensure that the rights and needs of refugee and asylum-seeking children are upheld.

Find out more about the Migrant Children's Project (link takes you to the Coram Children's Legal Centre site)   


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