Migrant Children's Project

The Migrant Children's Project (MCP) promotes the rights of all refugee and migrant children, young people and families. 

We work to ensure that they recieve adequate protection and support and that there are routes to permanent status for young people.

This year 1260 children, young people and support workers were advised hrough free advice and outreach programmes. Workshops on the UK asylum and immigration systems were attended by more than 300 young people, enabling them to feel more confident and more in control of the process affecting their lives. 

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How Coram helps migrant children and young people

The strength of the MCP is its comprehensive approach to changing indivduals lives and ensuring the best outcomes for migrant children.

We help migrant children in the following ways:

  • A free advice service offering free and confidential advice on the rights of migrant children and young people, including children who are separated from their families and those in families
  • Resources and information aimed at informing professionals on how to support children access their rights and services 
  • Training aimed at helping non-immigration professionals understand the rights and entitlements of migrant children and young people at Coram Children's Legal Centre
  • Training co-delivered by our Youth Rights Trainers
  • Policy and research combining specialist technical knowledge about the domestic and international law with evidence from frontline work to ensure children's rights are embedded in law and practice

"I have a better understanding of where I stand and where I have to go now." – Migrant Children's helpline caller

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