Help, Advice and Legal Opportunity (HALO)

Coram's innovative Help, Advice and Legal Opportunity (HALO) programme provides opportunities for skilled 16-25-year-olds to help other young people.

Group of teenagers sitting in a park around a laptop computerDeveloped with the support of The Queen's Trust, HALO works across all parts of the Coram group, so far recruiting young people into 190 roles and helping some 220,000 beneficiaries who would not otherwise have benefitted from Coram's vital work changing young lives.

I have gained the understanding of what it is like to have really impacted someone's life - HALO volunteer working on Child Law Advice Service (CLAS) helpline.

Interested in a HALO opportunity?

Browse our careers site If you are interested in a HALO opportunity in the Coram group.

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