Can same-sex couples adopt?

  • 17 March 2022

Can same-sex couples adopt? Find out about same sex adoption with our case study from gay adopters Maire & Winnie

“My own personal reservations were around the idea of any children we looked after having two mums and no father figure. It wasn’t so much that I felt children have to have traditional families, but we both had really lovely dads and we had slight worries about them missing out.

“Our family and friends were very encouraging and Coram had such a positive reaction to us as a couple. We were invited along to an open day and there were lots of very different people there, which was reassuring.

It seemed that to be a good adopter you’d need to be the sort of people who can focus on the needs of the child first. The two of us have really strong family units so we felt wanted to replicate that for a child. It was so exciting that Coram thought we could do this; it was a lovely feeling.

“Children who’ve been adopted have had some degree of difficulty to overcome, so there are going to be challenges as the bond develops between you and they settle in. But we felt well-prepared for this, and Coram gave us advice and support throughout the adoption process”

“We’d give the children little rewards to encourage them when they behaved really well. I’d wrap up things like stickers and crayons and they would choose something from the lucky dip as their treat.

“It was amazing how fast the children picked up things like our expressions and words we say. We’d have a family in-joke because people would often say ‘they look just like you’!

“We used do something the boys called ‘the family hold hand’ where we’d all hold hands and walk in a line together. My son would put my hand in Winnie’s hand, which is a lovely memory.

“I can’t imagine us not having children now. It’s very hard work but we feel incredibly privileged to have them and that we’re the luckiest mums in the world. It’s very humbling, and it’s lovely.

“It doesn’t feel like an adoption at all, it just feels like our family.”

Case studies are real but names are changed and models used to protect confidentiality

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