Adopters say Coram offered lifetime of support

  • 21 August 2014

The couple started thinking about adopting after they saw an advert for an adoption open evening in the newspaper 16 years ago. They decided to adopt due to the number of children in the world who need a loving family, feeling that this was something they could provide.

“There are lots of children who need a home, so we thought the best thing to do was to adopt.”


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The couple were impressed by Coram’s range of knowledge and experience on their first meeting, and instantly felt that they were the best people to go with; who would support them through the process of matching them with their children.

“More than anyone else that we have been to, Coram came across as the most professional and experienced. Immediately we knew this was the right thing to do.” Added Rob

Coram supported them through the adoption of both their children and still acts as a source of guidance for them today. Carol said:

“They have parenting groups you can go to […] which has proved very useful as we now have a strapping teenager! Coram is always very supportive and if there’s anything we needed, they were there at the end of the phone.”

At Coram, we understand that adoption is a big decision, affecting the whole future lives of the children and parents we work with. There are many children waiting for a family to adopt them, and we aim to find them the right family. 

We place more than 100 children with adopters each year. We understand the challenges of children who have been in care and are highly experienced in helping new adoptive families adjust and enjoy their new lives.

Our adoption teams include experienced adoption workers and administrative staff who will always offer you a sensitive and professional service. Enquirers will have a prompt, informative and courteous response.

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