Calling all adopters – share your experiences of a voluntary adoption agency

  • 20 October 2015

The survey, being carried out by charity Adoption UK, is looking at the different ways that adopters and Voluntary Adoption Agencies (VAAs) work together to develop and deliver adoption services.

This research is formed of three parts; a survey of adopters, an interview with voluntary adoption agencies and some joint focus groups with adopters and VAA professionals.

The survey is aimed at people who have adopted or who are planning to adopt through a Voluntary Adoption Agency (VAA) in England, rather than through a local authority adoption agency.

Adoption UK said: “We want to hear about your experience of working with your adoption agency. Your experience of adoption is really important and we would be grateful if you could take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete this survey and let us know your views and experiences.”

“Your adoption agency has not shared your name or personal details with us and you can complete and submit the survey without disclosing your details if you wish. Your answers will be confidential and will not affect your assessment or support in any way”

Fill in the survey here: