Coram welcomes the launch of the independent review of children’s social care

  • 15 January 2021

The independent review of children’s social care will set out to radically reform the system, improving the lives of England’s most vulnerable children so they experience the benefits of a stable, loving home. The review was promised in the 2019 Conservative Party manifesto for the general election, and pledges to look at the care system to make sure children and young adults get the support they need.

Josh MacAlister, a former teacher and CEO of social work charity Frontline, has been appointed to lead the review.

Dr Carol Homden, CEO of Coram, said: “We welcome the announcement today of this bold and progressive review, designed to make a real difference for the children and young people who rely on the social care system. We are particularly pleased at its emphasis on putting the views and experience of care-experienced children and young people at its heart.

“The review is timely as we look to build a better future for a digital generation uniquely affected by health concerns. The issues are pressing with record numbers of children being looked after by the state and the impact of the pandemic placing strain on the services needed by so many young people and those who care for them.

“Given the importance of a fresh perspective and broad approach, I particularly welcome the appointment of Josh MacAlister to chair the review bringing practice and leadership credibility to help us all to make this moment and opportunity of the review a defining one for decades to come. Coram will continue to support children and young people and promote their rights and voice, and we will contribute to the review in any way we can to help achieve its objectives.”

Read today’s announcement on the launch of the Care Review