Data Visualisation in Social Care 2018

  • 21 December 2018

Coram and its partners, The Alan Turing Institute, The Rees Centre and Kent County Council, showcased its data visualisation prototype which mapped how children move through different pathways when they enter care. This visualisation will be publicly launched in 2019. Complementary work with North Yorkshire County Council and the University of Bristol linked care data with court proceedings data and used this to visualise children’s journeys pre and post proceedings. The development of the project was also supported by ideas and research from Lancaster University and University College London.

The project was made possible with funding from the Nuffield Foundation.

Please click here to view the blog on the Coram-i website outlining our data visualisation journey and our key learnings from the project.

Also featured are a number of short interviews from some of our main partners and stakeholders, as well as the slides as presented by Kent County Council, Prof Masson (and North Yorkshire), and Prof Gilbert.

For a taster see the below video for the words of Sir James Munby, (immediate past President of the Family Courts and Chair of the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory), briefly speaking to us about data in judicial work, and why effective visualisations can be so effective.

More about the data visualisation event can be found on Coram’s Twitter feed (@Coram).