Funds from impounded assets help children live healthier lives

  • 5 December 2013

Coram Life Education classroom with children outsideCoram Life Education, which is delivered in the region by Life Education Centres North West, has been given a funding boost through the Asset Recovery Incentive Scheme.

Now, more school children in the area will be visited by a mobile education classroom helping educate them about the risks of drugs and alcohol.

Divisional Commander Catherine Hankinson of Greater Manchester Police supported the initiative and said: “It is excellent to see money gained support a programme designed to help pupils make healthy choices which has a clear anti-drugs message.”

Secretary of Life Education Centres North West, Mel Farrar said: “There is a beautiful symmetry about using this money to aid the fight against drug abuse and we hope this national first will be emulated by other delivery partners of Coram Life Education across the country.”

Coram Life Education’s specialist programmes are aimed at children aged 3-16 years and provide valuable education about how they can look after their bodies and minds using fun, interactive and age-specific activities. The programme is delivered by qualified educators in mobile classrooms using an interactive model of the human body, fibre optic lighting and a multi-media suite. As well as healthy lifestyle choices, the programme addresses issues such as self-esteem, drugs awareness, assertiveness and anti-bullying techniques, and positive friendships.

Life Education Centres North West, which is an official delivery partner of Coram Life Education, is supported by Rotary Clubs throughout the area.

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