A year of impact from Coram set out in our 2021/22 Digest

  • 22 June 2022

The Digest tells the story of the last 12 months at Coram, and how all parts of the Group have continued to work to support thousands of people in the face of existing challenges often amplified by the pandemic and lockdown.

 Highlights of the last year include:

 Direct support through our services for over 100,000 children and carers

  • Engagement with and support for over 100,000 professionals working with children and young people
  • Publication of 50 best practice and research documents for the sector
  • Coram Adoption rated outstanding by Ofsted
  • Over 300,000 children receiving life skills education through the Coram programme
  • Group websites receiving 3.5m views, giving children and young families valuable information about rights, entitlements and our range of programmes

In a joint foreword to the Digest, Coram Group CEO Dr Carol Homden and President of the Board of Trustees Sir David Bell said: “The past year has been characterised by growing appreciation of how existing challenges facing children and young people have often been amplified by the consequences of the pandemic. During 2021–22, the Coram Group of charities has succeeded against our two key priorities – sustaining services for those who need us most in the face of ongoing Covid-19 disruption, and growing our impact and influence so that we are helping in the longer term to build a better country for children and young people.

“As we set out the achievements of this year of transition, we continue to focus on our longer term vision of Coram as the Institute for the Future of Children, dedicated to turning insight into impact and building the public understanding and engagement needed to create better chances for the next generation of children.”

You can read the Digest here.