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Sibling Time Report April 2024

This report describes an evaluation of Coram’s Sibling Time Activity Day service, piloted in Leicestershire in early August. The evaluation ran from 1 July to 30 December 2023.

Published 3 April 2024 By Lucas Jones, Dr Emily Blackshaw, Mia Johnson, Narendra Bhalla and Amaka Udeagbaja

Randomised controlled trial of Family Group Conferencing at pre-proceedings stage

Children whose families were referred for Family Group Conferencing (FGC) are significantly less likely to go into care, according to results from the world’s largest study of its kind, conducted by Coram and published today.

Published 13 June 2023 By Dr Sarah Taylor, Emily Blackshaw, Hannah Lawrence, Daniel Stern, Lizzie Gilbert and Nilesh Raghoo

Young Citizens Evaluation Report

Coram’s Young Citizens programme aims to make a positive impact on the lives of 16-25 year olds from migrant and refugee backgrounds. Approximately 950 Young Citizens Participants attended 114 peer-led workshops between July 2019 and August 2022 which were co-produced and delivered by 63 Young Citizens Trainers (YCT), who used their experience of overcoming challenges when moving to the UK to help their peers.

Published 28 October 2022 By Lizzie Gilbert, Emma Borjes and Richard Ollerearnshaw

Evaluation of Coram Beanstalk’s reading support programmes (2022)

Coram Beanstalk’s programmes seek to improve children’s lives through reading support so that their risk of long-term disadvantage and the negative consequences of illiteracy are reduced.

Published 18 May 2022 By Emma Borjes, Emily Blackshaw, Hannah Lawrence, and Sarah Taylor

Evaluation of Tomorrow’s Achievers Coding With Purpose Clubs

We evaluated the pilot of the Coding with Purpose / Cr8 and Code Clubs which took place on Coram Campus, London, between October 2019 and August 2021, using surveys, interviews and written feedback. Our findings are below, set out against the evaluation objectives.

Published 5 May 2022 By Daniel Stern, Emma Borjes, Sarah Taylor

Evaluation of the use of objects in social work (2022)

We carried out an evaluation of the use of objects in social work, gathering feedback from social workers and practitioners involved in Coram’s ‘objects in social work’ experimental groups. The groups were run by emeritus professor Mark Doel between March 2021 and October 2021 in Sheffield, London and New York. The use of objects in conversations aims to enable social workers, and children and young people themselves, to better understand their life stories and their support needs. We observed the experimental groups and held one-to-one interviews with 11 experimental group attendees and Mark Doel, to hear about their experiences of using objects in social work and of taking part in the groups.

Published 11 April 2022 By Vanessa Patel. Sarah Taylor, Lizzie Gilbert, Coram Impact & Evaluation Team